“A Heartwarming Farewell: A Shelter Dog’s Touching Moment Brings Joy and Cherished Memories to a Family Forever.” nu

“It’s truly remarkable how a single photograph can transform lives, just as it did for two shelter dogs. Kala and Keira found themselves sharing a shelter kennel and quickly became inseparable companions.

They were firmly bonded to each other, heart and soul. Sadly, the two were residing in a high-risk shelter with limited time left. That’s when, with a quick click of the camera, everything began to change, offering them a second chance at life.

These two shelter puppies caught the attention of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, who were notified by the shelter that these two frightened friends had reached their devastating “deadline.” It was their final day, and they were scheduled to be euthanized.

As time was rapidly running out, the rescue center shared the viral photo with a heartbreaking caption, narrated from Kala’s perspective, in a heartfelt attempt to save the two shelter dogs from death row.

As the post continued, the rescue center pleaded desperately for assistance. The heart-wrenching post went viral within minutes, and, according to Angels Among Us, it took exactly 2 hours and 6 minutes from the time their story was posted to the moment they were saved from certain death. A compassionate individual who saw the photo on the rescue’s page immediately contacted them and expressed his intent to rescue them.

Regrettably, he could only foster the relieved shelter dogs until a forever home could be found, so their challenges were getting easier, but certainly not over.

Then, in October, three months after the photo of the two shelter dogs was shared on social media, they finally met their forever human companions, and the match couldn’t have been more perfect.

Pam Cody and Wendy Newman aren’t just best friends; they’re also roommates, which was ideal because now both Kala and Keira would have their very own loving mom and still get to keep each other as companions too!

In an interview with People magazine, Cody and Newman discussed the events leading up to their adoption. They had seen the post about Kala and Keira needing permanent homes earlier in the summer but already had two dogs of their own to care for.

Then, in a tragic yet beautiful twist of fate, both of their dogs passed away within a few days of each other. So, when they learned that Kala and Keira still hadn’t found their forever family, they decided to change that for the shelter dogs.”


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