“A Compassionate Woman Rescues Abandoned Elderly and Blind Arctic Fox at a Dog Shelter”. Nu

The Arctic fox is a species commonly found throughout the Arctic region, often seen in mountainous and tundra areas near the sea. In the wild, their population is quite abundant, and they are considered a species of least concern due to their stable numbers.

While all fox species are categorized as wild animals, some people express a desire to keep them as pets. However, only 15 states in the United States allow individuals to own foxes, and certain types of foxes are not permitted in these states.

Foxes are often described as inherently wild and potentially dangerous predators. They can be challenging to care for as they are highly active, noisy, and possess a strong instinct to mark their territory.

Archie is an elderly, blind Arctic fox who was abandoned at a dog shelter in Colorado when he was eight years old. His previous owners either couldn’t provide proper care for him or no longer wanted him as a pet.

He was eventually transferred from Colorado to a fox rescue center in Minnesota, although he didn’t adapt well there and showed reluctance to interact with other foxes. Archie finally found his way to the Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, a two-part rescue initiative.

The first part of this initiative aims to provide permanent homes for captive-bred and non-releasable foxes, while the second part focuses on wildlife rehabilitation for native New York species, with the goal of reintroducing them into their natural habitats.

“When Archie first arrived here, he was extremely shy, but what’s truly remarkable is that Archie has gradually come out of his shell,” revealed Kimberly DeFisher, the founder of Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue. She mentioned that Archie understands the word “treat” when she cautions him with “touch,” allowing her to interact with him.

Due to his blindness, Archie occasionally bumps into objects, but he’s aware of his limitations. He also has a companion named Lulu who keeps him company, and they enjoy occasional playdates with another fox pair named Tundra and Cleo at the shelter.

Many people wonder why Kimberly dedicates so much time and care to these animals that some might consider unworthy. She emphasized that she has witnessed the rewarding outcomes of providing these animals with a happy life, which motivates her to give Archie the best life possible.

Kimberly mentioned that many of the animals she cares for lack the survival instincts of their wild counterparts and wouldn’t thrive in the outdoors. As Archie approaches the typical lifespan of an Arctic fox, which is around ten years, Kimberly is committed to ensuring that he spends his final years happily.

She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to develop a close bond with Archie, describing it as a privilege.

A video showcasing Archie’s story has garnered attention from more than a million viewers, with many expressing admiration for his resilience and Kimberly’s dedication.

Commenters emphasized that there’s no such thing as an animal being “too old” or “not worth the effort.” They praised the work of Arctic Fox Daily and everyone who understands the importance of caring for the creatures we share our homes with.

In conclusion, this heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the unique needs and demands of foxes as pets and encourages people to consider adopting dogs from shelters, as they are often easier to care for and provide loving homes for animals in need.


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